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Object re-coloring

How do I re-color a group object?

There are several ways to do this.

  1. Drag and drop a color from the Color Line on to the object. A new dialog will appear (see below)
  2. Select the object and simply click a color on the Color Line. The same new dialog will appear.

For example when you drop a color on an object (in this case clipart from the Designs Gallery) you see a new dialog like this, asking which color in the object you want to replace with the new color. 

Simply select which of the colors you want to replace with the new dropped color. In this case I dragged a green color onto the banner and chose to replace Theme Color 1. This is the result:

  • Select the object with the Color Editor dialog on screen, and select one of the colors from the new drop-down menu of colors in this object to replace.

Do all instances of a particular color get replaced within the selection?

Yes. Replacing a color with a newly selected color will cause all occurrences of the selected color to be replaced with the new one. When you replace a color this way, all parts, including all shades of the selected color will take on the new color.

Whats the simplest way of editing the color of an object within a group?

The simplest way to edit colours of objects - select the object, bring up the colour editor and change it. It will nearly always edit the right colour (it defaults to the most used colour in the group). You only need to use the drop-down list of colors if you want to edit an alternative.

How does the program determine whether colors are part of the same color family ?

The color replace dialog shows the common base colors for any linked colors. Color matching is done on links to named colors when present and fallback to hue color values when they aren't. Special rules are applied when Saturation is zero. A saturation value of 0 indicates the color is greyscale and the Hue doesn't matter so colours like that are all linked into a grey family regardless of what Hue they have.

Why are text families shown as seperate color families within the Replace color dialog ?

Buttons and Navbars often use the same color in their design and their text but creating just one colour family for both can breaks the intended design. We therefore seperate text colours families to normal object colours.

How do I edit the navigation bar colours?

To demonstrate how best to change the nav bar colours easily, open the Designs Gallery and open Website Template Themes - Free Example and double click on the Header page. On the left of the colour line at the bottom of the program window are set of square colours, these indicate named colours in the open document, hovering over them, the tooltip shows Theme Color 1, Theme Color 2, Theme Color 3, Page Background etc. These are all of the colours used in the document and changing any of these colors will cause any objects within the document with the color applied to be updated. First, identify the colour you want to change, for now we will change the black mouse off state of the nav bar so right click on the black square (Theme Colour 3) and click Edit Theme Color 3. Drag the crosshair around the Colour Editor to change the colour in realtime. Next, enable the viewing of the MouseOver layer from the Page & Layer Gallery. Right click on Theme color 1 and click Edit Theme Color 1. This will cause the mouseover state of the button and all other objects which have theme color 1 applied to update.

Can I alter the colors used upon my navbar?

Yes, in the same way as you would for other group objects

Additional Information

  • Replacing color in an object that uses a Named or Theme Color with a new color, will mean it no longer uses that old Theme Color. So in the above example, once I have replaced the blue Theme Color 1, to be a new simple (non-named) color, will mean this graphic will no longer respond the global Theme Color changes. If you want to keep the ability to globally change a color throughout a document, then create a new Named Color, and use this to replace the old colors.
  • You can use this system to replace Named or Theme colors with alternate Named color. E.G. to replace a button using Theme Color 2, to use Theme Color 1 instead, just drag Theme Color 1 onto the object (or just select it and click Theme Color 1 on the Color Line) and just Choose Theme Color 2 from the list to be replaced.
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