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New global distribution for desktop products

New Global Distribution Arrangement?

Xara has signed a worldwide distribution agreement for its desktop products with MAGIX Software, and Xara's marketing team will focus on driving forward its new cloud solution.

You can find out more information here

Who do i contact for Customer Support?

Xara will continue to work alongside MAGIX to ensure a seamless support service. Tickets can be submitted to MAGIX from here, and we will respond to you as soon as possible. The support resources (FAQs, etc.) at, our Resource Center and The XaraXone will remain in place for now.

Will you still be developing your Desktop products?

Absolutely, we will continue to release exciting new features and performance improvements on the Xara Designer titles. In fact, desktop version 15 will be released in the next two months with customer requested features of today.

Will my login still work?

You should continue to log in, purchase, upgrade or renew with the same email address and password, unless you have both a Xara account and a MAGIX account (ie you have purchased something from MAGIX), in which case you should use the email address and password of your MAGIX account in future.

Will my serial number still work?

Yes, your serial number is unaffected, as it is your activation record and Update Service status.

What about the Xara affiliate program?

The Xara Affiliate program is now closed, however the Xara products are already included in the MAGIX Affiliate program, which offer similarly attractive terms. Find out More.

Aren't Xara and MAGIX already partners?

Yes. MAGIX, who we have partnered with for over 10 years, has considerable expertise in the worldwide sales and support of desktop software, and have built up an extensive knowledge of the Xara products in the many years that they have sold and supported the non-English language versions. We are now extending the benefits of this partnership to all Xara Designer users around the world.

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