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Does Xara integrate with external photo editors?

Double clicking a bitmap in Xtreme will by default cause the bitmap to open in the Xara Picture Editor. 

Version 3.2 of Xara Xtreme and Xara Xtreme Pro can integrate with a variety of external photo editors. Both versions include the Xara Picture Editor and Magix Photo Editor. 

A new ‘Editing Bitmaps’ option has been added to the Options dialog, Effects & Plug-ins tab, where you can choose to use XPE or an external bitmap editor.

One of the consequences of editing photos in external editors is that the bitmaps are expanded from JPG format into raw (PNG) bitmaps so that the editing process is lossless. This means that editing photo images with external editors will enlarge .xar files. This does not apply to the Xara Picture Editor. 

As from version 4, you can prevent a bitmap editor from opening when double clicking a bitmap in Xtreme by selecting 'Edit bitmaps with this program' from the Effects and Plugins tab in Options and leaving the command field blank.

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