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I have exceeded the number of permitted activations.

V10 and earlier

Our software can be installed and activated by one user on three separate computers. When you try and install on a fourth computer you will see a message saying that you have exceeded your activations, or words to that effect.  You can request an increase in the number of activations by contacting the MAGIX sales staff.

V11 and later

The software can be installed & activated by one user on two separate computers. It is possible for you to cancel an activation when it is no longer required, freeing it for use on another computer. Select the 'deactivate program' option in the Help menu of the program, on the computer you want to deactivate. If for some reason you can't access the help menu, you will have an opportunity to deactivate a copy when you install on a new computer, by connecting to the Service Center - but note it is only possible to use this option once every 30 days, so we strongly recommend using the Deactivate Program option in the Help menu whenever possible. If for some reason you can do neither of these things then contact our sales staff, asking them to deactivate one of your copies.

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