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We've just launched Photo & Graphics Designer 10

We have just released Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10. You can find a summary of What’s New on the Xara site as usual, and more info in Gary Priester’s now traditional First Look on the Xara Xone @ - but the main things are:

• New shadow & highlight controls in the enhance tool for fixing areas of your photo in deep shadow or bright light, without altering the brightness of the rest of the photo
• A brand new Color Select option in the Enhance tool, a much faster & more intuitive way of enhancing based on color
• The PhotoLooks plugin from Red Giant will be bundled with all copies of v10 (a program in its own right!)
• A new top level Insert menu for quick & easy addition of various useful things to your document, including some new things like Font Awesome symbols
• Some of the improvements you might have heard about from WD10 – SmartShapes, online Content Catalog and improvements in import of Word, RTF and PDF (significant improvements in PDF editability).

You can find a summary on our What’s New page @, detailed info in our Release Notes @ As usual there are discounts for owners of all older versions and a short intro offer for v9 owners.


CREATED ON 16 July 2014 02:52 PM

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