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Designer Pro and Photo & Graphic Designer 7.1.1 update

Updating Designer Pro 7 and Photo & Graphic Designer 7
To update your installation, use the "Update program" facility in the program Help menu. You need to have unlocked AND registered your program for this option work. If you haven’t, when you invoke the update option you’ll be shown the unlock/register dialog again. Make sure you register using the same email address that you used to purchase the program, because each serial number can only be registered to one email address.

The 7.1.1 update of Designer Pro 7 and Photo & Graphic Designer 7 includes the following changes compared to 7.1.0:

  •  SVG export fixed
  • Designs Gallery pop-up thumbnails now appear to the right of the gallery, so they are less likely to get in the way of viewing folder contents.  Also option added to right click menu allowing pop-up thumbnails to be turned off.
  • Angled snapping is now correctly enabled in Photo & Graphic Designer
  • Magnetic snapping: When moving an object inside a group, it will snap to sibling members of the same group. Also page centres are now considered higher priority so it’s easier to snap objects to the page centre when there are other objects close by.
  • When using paste size onto multiple selected objects, the size is now applied to each object individually, instead of to the selection as a whole. This makes it easy to (for example) instantly make a bunch of selected photos all the same size.
  • Right click menu options added to make it easier to edit inside opacity mask groups. “Open opacity mask group” and “Open opacity mask”.
  • In common with other group types, the contents of Clipviews can now be edited in a separate document view (just double click on the Clipview)
  • Many other bug-fixes, small improvements and help updates.


CREATED ON 08 June 2011 01:15 PM

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