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What is the Xara Cloud?

Xara Cloud is a new service offered by Xara as a powerful addition to your copy of Web Designer, Photo & Graphic Designer, Page & Layout Designer or Designer Pro. 

It offers an ultra-simple way to edit and share your Xara documents and websites online in a web browser, using any device (including Mac, iPad and Android tablets!)

The Premium version of Xara Cloud also gives you the valuable ability to work on Xara documents and sites in collaboration  with friends, colleagues or clients, commenting and editing together in real-time. 

What's more, Xara Cloud includes a constantly growing number of its own templates that you can open, edit, share or save to PDF within Xara Cloud, without even opening your desktop software. That means for example that owners of Web Designer will be able to create print designs such as flyers, and owners of Photo & Graphic Designer will be able to create web banners and presentations within Xara Cloud, using the Xara Cloud templates! Templates include social media headings, e-books, catalogs, product sheets, CVs and more.

You can try Xara Cloud Premium free for 30 days right now, and even after that you'll still be able to use the free Starter version.

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