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Just Released: Xara Web Designer 11


Web Designer 11 has landed! 

We have just released Xara Web Designer 11 revision

What's new in Xara Web Designer 11

The v11 Release Notes

Program Trial
A trial version is available for download from


  • Stickies – objects that stick in place as the page scrolls
  • Stretchy background images that fill the browser width
  • New animation effects available on mouseover, on click or on reveal
  • Text enhancements including auto-correction (abbreviation expansion)
  • This bullet point has BETA warnings all over it, but we think you’ll want to try it! cloud.xara introduces collaborative editing from anywhere on any device (at last)
  • Share & Sync your files via Dropbox or Google Drive

Gary Priester's first look

Gary Priester has had huge fun trying out the new animation effects and sticky objects in his First Look @ .

Example sites





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